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We are the first shipping company based in Pakistan to start third-party deliveries for suppliers based in Pakistan who are sending bulk and retail shipments to Amazon fulfillment facilities all around the globe and customers who are buying their products from the Amazon online store.

The supplier will hand over the shipment to us under this service. That will arrive at the Amazon Fulfillment center from Pakistan to the USA. All is duty-paid cargo from Pakistan to the Amazon Fulfillment Center in the USA. We will act as your importer, distributor, or transporter in the absence of an importer in the US. Our trained and professional staff is ready for the complex process of arranging last-mile delivery to Amazon fulfillment centers. Using several carriers across the USA inland trucking carriers express operators


AXIS FREIGHT will clear these shipments from customs, pay duties, and pay taxes. And transport them nationally. And then deliver the packages to Amazon on its behalf. Service provided by Axis Freightanyone can have last-mile delivery from Pakistan to anywhere in the world at very nominal rates. Axis Freight takes through the entire process to get it to Amazon. We offer this service from Pakistan and China as our primary bases.