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Pakistan To Australia

Axis Freight offers exceptional service for customers from Pakistan to Australia. This is because customers have a wide range of options to decide on how they are willing to move their cargo from Pakistan to Australia.

Globally, flights have been stranded since the outbreak of covid-19. There was no other way to move the goods commercial or non-commercial as well as personal effects and personal belongings. Shipments from Pakistan to Australia were inaccessible. So AXIS FREIGHT started this service using ocean freight known as By Sea Door Delivery at Cheap and affordable prices.

As for the AXIS FREIGHT team, it was a nightmare to handle and deliver parcels from Pakistan to Australia. In these harsh times across the globe, all transportation systems were halted and no airline was operating. The only way out was an ocean freight system. Therefore, we decided to try it today. In these years we have moved over 17000 parcels from Pakistan to Australia.

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Different Shipping Options

Shipping your things to Australia shouldn’t be difficult. You can send them by sea freight services. Obviously, the land isn’t the prospect of not worrying, though. ‘Sea-locked’ countries are associated with an accessible countries. While shipping by air is typically faster, it is also more expensive than shipping by ocean. Planning your move properly takes time and effort. Door-to-door shipping is commonly used in international freight, and it’s the most convenient option for an outsized move abroad. Especially in a country as large as Australia.

The parcels and shipments of our customers are delivered by a large network of third-party operators across Australia. Pakistan to Australia By Sea Door Delivery Service is a cheap and affordable way of sending your gift parcels. And all household items furniture or any other type of cargo to your loved ones. Whether you are moving to Australia from Pakistan or you want to ship your goods. AXIS FREIGHT is the best and only option you can choose to get the burden off your mind. How your cargo will arrive in Australia. At this point, our team is specialized and professional enough to perform this task easily. As a result, you can receive your shipment from Pakistan to your newly acquired house in Australia.

Our services offered are below:

1-Home pickup and collection services all across Pakistan**

2-Packing and wrapping of household items at home

3-Special handling of fragile products like electronics

4-Delivery to customer houses all across Australia

5-Cheap and affordable prices on the per kg system

6- Storage and warehousing facilities in major cities

7-Network of agents for door delivery in Australia

8- Furniture and household items delivered to the home

Axis Freight

Major Shipping Routes

We’d be adversely affected if you managed to ship to Australia without mishandling ocean or air transportation. The ‘sea-locked’ nation processes most of its freight by sea to ports for shipping freight along the outline.

Australia is a very vast country with typical points on coastlines where all major cities are located. AXIS FREIGHT has developed a system of shipping. By using this we can easily access all the major cities and urban areas for parcel and shipment delivery. We also have the facility of warehouses and storage facilities near the coastal cities and also cover central Australia.






Melbourne and the state capital are big hitters, and if you’re moving to either of these cities you’re set. If you’re headed northeast, you’ll likely bear state capital, whereas Fremantle can serve you well in the geographical region. Townsville isn’t primarily a shipping powerhouse. We have a tendency to want you to know that there is an area known as Townsville. Wherever you’re headed in Australia there seems to be a port near you, so getting your things shipped should be a breeze.

Australian Customs

Like any other country, Australia has its own quirks when it comes to customs. With quite a self-contained system to protect themselves, they can be very valuable when it comes to animals. Plant life, and food merchandise. Doomsday viruses square measure likely to be best left at home and any pets can undergo quarantine. Otherwise, it’s the standard fare of packing reasonably and declaring things through the correct channels – in this case. The Australian Border Force. You shouldn’t handle this alone. We have partners who are familiar with the method and are willing to walk you through it as well.

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