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Dimensions will be applied as per dividing factor of 5000 for by air and by sea shipments All the cargo booked from customer for export purpose commercial/personal effect/gift purpose is declared under the Inco term on behalf or by the customer and AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK has no what so ever interest in this and AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK has full power authorized by the sender to export the cargo and deliver it to destination by using any means of transport and under the Warsaw convention has all the right to treat the cargo and deliver it to destination by using single/multi model transport systems and AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK will use all the available resources and means to fulfill the commitment for on time delivery of the goods to the destination But has no control over war situation political emergencies local country conditions transport critical situations fare changes of any modes of transport or customs or any Governmental agencies involved in transition of the shipment at origin or destination or in between transit of the cargo.

Export documentation at origin or import documentation at destination will be the responsibility of the shipper or consignee to provide to AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK unless Decided off that term at the time of booking of the shipment at origin and even with that if cargo goes in to examination by the customs at origin or destination by the both customs authorities’ examination charges will be charged to shipper or consignee even if the shipment is booked under DDP terms shipper should take the insurance cover If cargo is considered valuable otherwise if anything happens during transit loss or damage to the cargo AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK will be responsible only for limited liabilities And will be responsible for only 100$ claim duties and taxes will be applied on the shipment at destination if it is booked under DDU terms at origin if shipment is held under examination process by customs even at origin or destination examination charges including warehousing and detentions will be charged to shipper or consignee and as a forwarder AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK hold the right to hold the consignment until all the charges are not paid at origin or destination by the shipper or consignee and this term Also applied to CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) shipments to recover freight +etc charges decided with the customer under DDU / DDP terms.

Loss or damage to the shipment is a critical situation to avoid the risk customer should gain the insurance facility otherwise above stated claim will be given to customer in case of anything happens to the consignment also natural disasters and emergency situations around the world accrued during transit will also be the part of this condition and late Arrival of the consignment will not be claimable to AXISFREIGHT NETWORK by the shipper or consignee in any court or part of the world. Axis freight network has the full right and authority to hold the shipment during transit for recovery of the charges agreed with the customer or not agreed but stated at the time of booking and also mentioned in the terms and conditions also customer is accepting and taking full responsibility of the consignment and its all contents booked under the above stated booking number and will be held responsible for anything prohibited or illegal / NARCOTICS / CONTRABAND / found in the consignment and will face all the legal consequences’ imposed by the government of origin or destination and AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK has what so ever no liability of the contents found in the consignment at the Time of booking or after booking during transit till last destination of country.

where it is destined to arrive no matter what the transport mode it is being booked or transported by The AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK if shipment is booked from the agent undertaking of agent and its company will also be taken from the agent in extra for security measures and if Anything specially NORCOTICS is found in the shipment at origin or destination or during transit only customer booking at origin will be responsible for that and company will not be involved in the case against him AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK will not be responsible for anything illegal found in the consignment. AXIS FREIGHT NETWORK has full rights issued by the shipper by accepting this booking document to recover the costs on the shipment booked under DDP / DDU terms or any other decided term at the time of booking at origin by sea door delivery service is offered by company for the Customer under DDP / DDU terms and limited liability is upon Axis freight network in case of mot getting the shipment insured by the shipper